Privacy Policy

Updated June 16th 2015

We will through the course of our business collect information about you and your type of backup data.

This information includes all the normal data we require to service your business, such as (but not limited to), name, email address, postal address, telephone number, amount of data backed up and your IP address.

We always securely store your details at all times and do not have access to your backup password unless you have chosen to supply that to us. Because we don't have your backup password, we cannot restore or view your data and it cannot be decoded if captured in transit between our network and your client device. This security is based on the assumptions made by Ahsay Systems Corporation Limited []. We license our software from Ahsay and they have provided backup software to more than 5,000,000 devices.

What we do with your data?

We will use your data for our own internal marketing and will email you once per month advertising another of ours, or a third party's services. We will also email you each day to advise you of how your backups are running. These email correspondences are mandatory whilst you are using the FREE service. If you do not want the emails, simply block them your side or delete your account from our system.

We will also identify you whenever you recommend our service to a friend of yours. This is to add credibility to your recommendation.

Example: Hi Dave, your friend 'YOU' has recommended our service. You can sign up here

Is your data safe?

Yes. We never pass on your personal information to anyone else outside of our organisation.

If you have any queries, please email